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Tax Relief for CA, AL, & GA Disaster Areas

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Residents in FEMA designated disaster areas in CA, AL, and GA have until October 2023 to file 2022 tax returns and make payments.

Tax Relief for CA, AL and GA Disaster Areas

If the pandemic wasn’t enough disruption, it was followed for many by the effects of severe weather events that seemed to just keep coming. If your ability to file your 2022 tax returns by the usual April 2023 deadline was affected by these natural disasters, the IRS is giving you extra time to file this year.

I am not a tax professional and do not offer tax advice; this post only provides general, publicly available, information. Please be sure to consult with your tax professional regarding your personal tax situation!

2022 Tax Filing Deadlines Extended for People Living In Designated Disaster Areas in CA, AL, and GA

The IRS often provides extensions of filing deadlines for taxpayers who may be unable to access their records, or even find time to fill out tax forms, due to natural disasters.

This year those living in some areas in the particularly hard hit states of California, Alabama, and Georgia, now have until October 16th, 2023 “to file various federal individual and business tax returns and make tax payments,“ according to the IRS.(1)

Unlike the tax filing extensions available upon request to most taxpayers, this IRS provided relief also allows you to postpone payments that might be due.

If you have been affected by the severe weather in these states, or live in a FEMA designated disaster area in another state, you may be able to put off tackling those tax forms for a while yet.

Be sure to check with your tax professional, or read the specific details on the IRS “Tax Relief in Disaster Situations” website (2) to be sure you qualify!


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